About Us

Life as a whole is absurd. You have a choice to either let it consume you or to embrace it. Only those who embrace its absurdity and pursue the impossible are able to face it confidently, live contently with it, and conquer it every single day. From pain, hunger, and the simple yet uncommon desire to be unequivocally great, ABSURDISM was born from the dust.

It's not for everybody. We're not trying to change everyone, but rather help those who seek it and want to live a life of purpose and fulfillment. Truly. Not everyone has the inherent hunger to do something the world deems unrealistic. But for those who do, this family exists. Hard work is the only way to guarantee your chance at success. Whether it be revolutionizing your craft, finding a new route to the top, or journeying to a new, better you, ABSURDISM challenges you to create your strongest self. 

ABSURDISM is so much more than just the words on a piece of clothing. It represents a lifestyle. One that all founders of this concept truly believe in and live each and every day. Growth is a choice, and it's certainly not by chance. While reality is a limitation, belief has been our superpower. We seek friction. We chase adversity. And we strive to become the impossible. We haven't survived just to give up now, and neither should you. 

Walk through the fire, be ABSURD.